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7 Chakras / Rainbow Crystal Bracelet

7 Chakras / Rainbow Crystal Bracelet

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Looking for a cute, fun way to celebrate pride? We've got you covered with this chic bracelet!

Lovingly handmade by our talented in-house makers, this bar bracelet is made using 14k gold plated metal and features raw quartz chip crystals in 7 unique stones, each representing its own chakra.

Starting at the crown:
- Amethyst relieves stress and strain on the body.

- The third eye is represented by Lapis Lazuli (or Lazurite) and is thought to enhance wisdom.

- Next is the Throat chakra where Aquamarine is used and is said to be a stone of courage.

- The Heart chakra is shown by this gorgeous Aventurine stone which is believed to be a stone of prosperity.

- The Solar Plexus is next and is represented by Citrine which can help to increase creativity.

- (Orange) Agate is used for the Sacral which is said to enhance mental function.

- The Root chakra is represented by the deep of Garnet which inspires love and devotion.

Measures approx.: 17cm + extension
Made in China


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