Our Commitment to Inclusive Sizing

Our Commitment to Inclusive Sizing

It's easy to put money where your mouth is, and we know that so much of boutique culture is based around a standard sizing range (small to large only), and STB is on a journey to become more inclusive than that.

The average dress size in America is anywhere from a size 12-16 (see here, among many other articles), where most standard size 'larges' fit up to a size 10-12... at most. This is unfair and unacceptable.

STB is committed to only selling quality merchandise; we work directly with the brands we buy from and hand-select & inspect each piece before selling it. Many brands and shops care more about the profit from inclusive sizing than they do about the actual products being sold - here at STB, we want to make sure that we are finding beautiful, high-quality, size-inclusive pieces to share in our shop. This is taking some time for us to learn what works and what doesn't, so we thank you for your patience as we work towards something that should simply be the norm.

If you are someone who has experience shopping in extended/inclusive sizing clothing and feel comfortable sharing your experience/opinion, feel free to take our inclusive sizing survey - or just email us directly at sophie@shopsimplythebest.com!      ♥️ 

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