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* Send in your denim shorts, jeans, or jacket & we'll spruce it up with a surprise design!

Within 1-3 days after purchasing this listing, you'll receive an email from us with the info on where to send your denim. If you're local, you're encouraged to drop them off at the shop (after purchasing the listing and getting a confirmation from us) any time we're open! After purchasing this listing, we'll reach out to you to see how you'd like your jeans painted - feel free to look at the photos for suggestions, as we typically stick to designs similar to those, but we're happy to work with what you've got in mind, as well!

  • This is a collaboration between artist and customer - please be mindful that while these are a custom design for each client, we still like to stay within the realm of suggestion (as pictured in the photos & described below). We will be realistic with what is possible and what isn't.
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for us to paint your jeans.
  • UPCHARGES MAY OCCUR FOR: rush times on designs and more.


  • Hearts, stars/sparkles, moons, comets, etc. See pictures for options!
  • Give us a color scheme to work with - what colors do you like, what colors DON'T you like?


  • All STB Original pieces are final sale from the time they are purchased. They cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Denim paint is expected to crack over time - this just shows the love your piece has experienced :) Fabric paint is used and sealed and safe to wash with other items, but we do recommend washing your painted jeans with like colors/dark colors.
  • As we're using either customer-provided denim or upcycled denim, there may be some flaws or imperfections in the material - we're giving it a new, beautiful life!